Corona Cipher Lyrics

Lot to deal with/ I’m a realest/
Any ten cent headed nemesis steppin’ in the premises is gettin’ dissed /extra quick/ the extended weapon is venomous wit/ Fresher than Prince’s record kiss in 86/ Ate breath mints and straight spit/ Aim of Legolus from fellowship/ Treacherous, hello it’s the Mix, 99 + hits on Tin might have to tell the chicks I’m a pimp/ Accelerants in the pen/ An elegant bent/ A wordsmith like Will Smith/ My work and service is merciless and militant/ Still in this instillin’ it/ Don’t want ta chill a bit/ Don’t deal with a deal and millions of hits, still legit/ Fillin’ in the illest spit down to the filament/ Feelin’ it?/ it’s time the scope designer to open fire/ and blow by bogus smoke rhymer’s ghost writer like Ghost Ridah when he sold his sole to light up with a whole of fire/ and I’m the lone survivor/ it’s the corona cipher/ isn’t Ed Sheeran in this/ I’m eeriest lyricist to ever appear in this clear fizz myriad of deleries serum of sierra misted, ear pierced weird kids/ it’s boisterous rhyme time/ your soy boy gets sidelined/ a lion with lines aligned poignant and adroit as the prime of Detroit’s Royce da 5’9″/ the realest rhymin’, get inside ya mind like Einstein and Richard Fenyman on Psilocybin/

New school is quite syrupy/ Me
I’m Tyson fury bitin’ the ear piece of Mike Tyson on the mic lyrically/ I’m like Tyrosine/ A Bar flow coordinator/ Arnold Schwarzenegger/

On the mic I’m Scofield/ as far as the game I’d like the whole yield/

My flows like Jon Jones in the octagon hopped up on coke/ Don’t let usada know/ My combos spill ink/ Discipline with the pen like Jocko Willink/

I’m dope but not dope dealing/ uh Max is illin’ get the amoxicillin/ about to rock the buildin’/ pop it like Pac mixed with Bob Dylan/ the rap sheet I’m gelin’ is Machiavellian/

the kid who had a vision/ a passionate lab rat spittin/ stackin’ ammunition/ an apparition with a rap addiction/ has been itchin’ to get back in the damn kitchen/ plasma and magma mixed in the writtens/ had it with the static interference, I’m the baddest frickin’ lyricist/ rough rhymes, I am a tough guy/ I’ll show up to the pull up bar with a broken arm/ I’m Kobe, your Genobli/ I’m an OG/ Your on aderal if you think Max can’t handle the basketball/

All these glass jawed Asher Roth’s can back off/ Your auras mad soft/ More of Rap God or a Black Thought/ Max dog is blastin’ off/ like an astronaut to launch track assault/ My schemes iller than these dream killers/ Not a Mac Miler more of a Meek Miller/ Had it the inadequate whack freestyles/ Man he packs these styles fast as jabs from Manny Pacquiao/

Lot to deal with/ I’m the realest realest/

Be a kid again and spit again/

Maximus back in this/

Slept in a dungeon/ Kept it 100/ rhyme charismatic/ My paragraphs lit/

Get my weight up sir/ like Jay Cutler/ Animalistic rap ballistic/

Bump ya stature/ I’m comin’ at ya like a cocky male cobra/ Rocky Balboa/

So raw with it they think I’m autistic/

Hit a naysayer like Grey Maynard with a haymaker/ laced with a straight razor/

I’ll be doin’ me to the eulogy/ sloozies like who is he?/ Learned my bar martial arts from the Marshall artist/ the rap sheet I’m gelin’ is Machiavellian/ rather elegant/ and intelligent/

Been slept on, and stepped on, had to get growin’/ Kept goin’/ my steely frames steels the game/ I clepto em’/


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