Warm Up V.1 Lyrics

nah.. not sick in the bruh/ it’s nikola tesla/ pickin the pen up/

quick head rush/ chicks get red blush/

pick ya head up/

pickin’ the pen up/

rhyme like i’m crime mobbin’/ taught em’ /

fif robbin’/ Want me to fall and leave like autumn/

mic droppin’, eyes poppin’/

i hop in like hopsin/ end up in a hospital/

it’s inhospitable when ah spit the flows/

quick, macho/ comments comical/ mad man mix, max is in/ six pack and knit nick hat/ chicken scratch spazzin’/

enigma packin’ a black pen like a mac ten/

cross kriss, hop hip fan/ raw spit man/ had it with chicks, the fans, sassin’ can’t get past him/

back with an accent, slick, slick rick rappin’/ with passion/

or back when slim kicked back and/ click clack, ripped nick cannon/ in half/ isn’t

stanin’/ a pissed piston attackin’ /

figurative when pistol whippin’ six has beens/

come back way better/ like i’ve training with mayweather/ straight shredder/
cartilage to rip through/

sharp as a ginsu/ harder than if a car hit you/ if the bar hits you it leaving scar tissue/

anger issues? no i have gangster issues/ so raw with critics think i’m autistic/

the rhyme i’m rippin’ it/ i’m hyped and hypervigilant/

venom when i’m hypermasculine/ graphic with it/

ya might get jabbed in the abdomen with a javelin/

he’s demented/

no i’m reinvented/


the preacher’s gonna ether someone/ the reapers comin’/

lion with sheep, s/o to et/
compel rhymes/

indie as elzhi, in the d/ fuck a cosign from a bovine/

unload rhymes, don’t tote nines/ hustle until i have a broken spine/

the soldier firing to polarize/ pulverize, like a 5’9″ ryan with bipolar lines/

coach this time/ sat on the side line/ looked at the stans in the stands/

said motherfucker it’s my time/

as i dub rhyme sublime/


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