Underground Cypher: Off the Top, Raw Footage Lyrics

It’s Mix the prophet/ Back in this with wrath of an Adam Smith capitalist/ Not magnanimous as Atticus Finch/ Spit the logic, Canibus like it is chronic/ Diabolic!/ High falutin rhymes I’m shootin’/ Seismic movements like Issac Newton/ I figured these raps would trigger an ignorance relapse/ is that the fee of claps to have the best blast/ when we cast, these articulate increments/ Intended to swivel ligaments, and Kneecaps/ I set off on a mission/ Jaw spittin’ raw writtens/ Reality is augmented/ I bleed galaxies, I pen alchemy/ Malcolm X of the alphabet/ Can’t stomach eem like Alca Seltzer tabs/ Bars Alcatraz/ Won’t stop until I’ve gone farther than Sean Carter/ A godfather, a don dotta/ Hittin’ on your mom, then hittin on ya daughter/ What are your intentions?/ Want to put her in detention/ Get out of here with your two cents and your ten cents/ Move like 50 Cent with the pen/ Get comparisons to slim Eminem/ Spit like slim sober/ Fit like Tim Grover/ Timber Strength daily, women they chase me/ Got the game A to Z/ Shady and Jay Z made me/ Zany!, Is he actually crazy or just whacky and zany/ whack job is back to the job/ The mad scientist/ Back in the pad, back in the lab/ Extendin the jab/ Invested like Benjamin Graham/ with the blitzkrieg/ hit Every MC in the vicinity/ I’m not in the industry, I’m not in the streets/ MCs get minced meat uhh/ I’m like Da Vinci ugh/ You just need a cheat sheet/ Let me get a clean beat and a clean slate/ I am great like Alexander, a battle rapper/ Off the top like a chandelier/ Cavalier in a Cadillac/ Battle rap, Mac got his swagger back/ haters salty, they stall me/ I’m a winner, your a splinter/ I’m master splinter/ Spit rap patterns like Dizaster or Mr. Mathers/ Gold chain, never sold dope in the dope game/ I just get the dopamine spikin’/ Go in like Kobe Bryant/ A Goliath, with the goals I’m rhymin/ My vital organs like Michael Jordan when I’m recordin’/ My type of rappin’ is like Michael Jackson on psychoactives/ Yeeah! Back in this with the wrath of an Adam Smith capitalist/ Battle like Canibus/ savage wit!/ I’m not magnanimous as Atticus Finch/ I’m just the protagonist toe taggin’ this/ I’m gonna circle the jab like Roberto Duran/ Book a day effort like Sugar Ray Leonard/ I dub hot spit, logic, it’s subconscious/ Free association, let’s talk the negotiation of procreation/ and copulation, concentration of Josh Waitzkin

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