‘Raw late night lab session sample’

Intricate raps cut ya/ rip a mark and a busta/ slick as a bar rap hustla/ it’s Marshall Mathers mixed with martian manhunter/ twist it like Twista, straight enigma/ paints the picture, laced with an ancient scripture/ ankle twist ya, I pray to diss ya/ then start a business like Systrom with Insta/ start up, dilly dally then start a militant rally of millions of aliens/ in Silicon Valley in Cali/ A don, a king, Don King in a boxing ring/ on a script, fill a whole doc slip/ Syllable conscious, Ill as Onyx and Rakim mixed with Locksmith/ spill the logic philosophic/ it’s Mix the prophet back up in the pocket/ polished off the polipps/ Pompous when I pop the popular pasta/ off ya top, off the top/ these obnoxious imposter’s opinions preposterous/ Hip hop boxer in this/ droppin’ it like Nas in this/ Conquer this, confident/ positive optimist to the posthumous/ Sarcophagus, my sardonic bar tonic harmonic is like a box of dark chocolates/ about monstrous accomplishments/ on monoliths and monuments/ your caught on thots thick, chicks a hippopotamus/ I’m lit! At the tip top of this/ dominance.. hierarchy/ my prominent fire/ 


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