A Shady Discography: Top Eminem Albums

Hailing from the motor city, Detroit, Mr. Mathers, formally known as Eminem is a prolific and controversial
artist. Here are his top albums with my personal bias and opinion. Without regard to album sales and awards received.

1. Relapse: Refill

The first spot pick is that of a contrarion, seeing as many view Relapse as Shady’s worst album. Some aspects are the reason it’s at the top. The somewhat nonsensical subject matter rubbed people wrong as Eminem’s comeback album. Eminem was criticized for using accents to bend words.

Although it’s a cult classic as Eminem actually studied serial killers to revamp his Shady persona after an overdose and drug addiction leaving him out the game for nearly four years. So why is it so good? As Eminem collected his mind back together, he found himself rhyming anything that works. Despite being criticized later in his career for rhyming for the sake of rhyming. This technique lead to cutting lyricism and multisyllabic rhyming for the 2008-2009 era. Relapse was chalk full of outlandish shock value, vulgarity, and controversial lyrics, textbook slim.

Crazy lyrics: this is were the faint of heart, feminist, sensitive to profanity and disgust can tune out. Hopefully this post doesn’t paint a bad light on my entire blog. Not to defend some whack job lines, and downright absurd. Many don’t understand the style of rapping things to get reaction, which is a necessity in battle. It’s Eminem’s creativity and skill that outshines clout chasing and trolling type rap.

This character Eminem is playing is insane, based on the sickest people from history.

I wonder how Kim Kardashian reacted to his lyric if it hit her radar.

“I think I’ll put a piece of art on my Visa card
Then I’ll go beat Mischa Barton with a Cuisinart
Then mosey on over to Rosie O’Donnell’s with McDonald’s
Jump on her lap then watch The Sopranos

“Shady, what are you doin’ chewin’ on a human?
Grab an aluminum bat, hit Heidi Klum in the back, boom!

2. Recovery

The song Not Afraid hit uncommon subject matter such as taking responsibility as a father and getting your life back together.

3. The Slim Shady LP

4. The Marshall Mathers LP

5. The Eminem Show

6. The Marshall Mathers LP 2

7. Infinite

8. Encore

9. Kamikaze

10. Music to be Murdered By

11. Music to be Murdered by: Side B

12. The Slim Shady EP

13. Revival

Revival should actually be ranked much higher.


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