Organized Competiton among Verbal Assasins – 5 Master Battle Rappers


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To the casual observer, battle rap ended when Eminem, aka B Rabbit, silenced Papa Doc in 8 Mile.

Or maybe after an episode of Nick Cannon’s Wild N’ Out.

Now I’m not saying these more mainstream acts of battle rap are watered down.. but I’m more interested in the real life, professional, dare I say, master battle rappers.

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The real life MCs who eat, sleep, and breathe battle rap. The pioneers, the legends, the fan favorites. After watching enough YouTube rap battles to pop some blood vessels in my eyeballs, I’ve selected 5 Master Battlers to profile.

(This isn’t a ranking, its merely a listing)

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#1. Dizaster

Government – Bachir “Manfred” Yagami

Dizaster aka Diz, currently has 101 recorded battles to his name. From out-classing Canibus, getting into a fist fight with Math Hoffa, and trading bars with Cassidy, Dizaster is one of the most seasoned and aggresive lyricists in the game.

Once prominent rapper, Canibus,  notoriously choked and pulled out a notebook mid battle.

According to, Dizaster had ammased over 56,148,545 views.

Dizaster has battled nearly every major battle rapper. From the most viewed battler of all time, Oxxxymiron, to names like Hollow Da Don, Pat Stay, Tay Roc, and Iron Soloman.

His battles on date back to October of 2006. Since its 2018 as I’m writing this, Dizaster has easily clocked in more than 10,000 hours dissing people to their face.

Image result for dizaster bodied movie

Dizaster’s notoriety and battle rap skills even landed him a role in the film Bodied, produced by Eminem and directed by Joseph Kahn.

#2 Loaded Lux

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Loaded Lux is synonymous with Top Tier among battle culture. No one can forget his classic battle with Calicoe where he arrived in a funeral attire and literally brought a casket to the battle.

Lux’s slogan “You gon get this work” even got him a nod from Jay-Z on Twitter.

Screenshot (1)

Even though Lux has only 14 catalogued battles, some might say he is the goat.

#3 Mudra Mook

Image result for murda mook
Mook with Busta Rhymes

#4 Arsonal

Image result for arsonal
Arsonal vs. Shotty Horroh

#5. Daylyt

Image result for daylyt

Daylyt uses a unique brand of wordplay he calls “quill”. Outside of bars, Daylyt is known for his controversial antics both inside and outside of battles. Daylyt is the wild card.






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