Some of Max’s Tweets: Volume 3.

Unless you have clinical problems, if your depressed odds are you’re a loser.

Perception isn’t reality.

Being smart is merely one potent ingredient or productive attribute.

How you get from point A to point B is no one’s business.

Disregard the myopic simple-mindedness.

You could argue college is for people who are not smart enough to succeed without it.

“The first step to becoming a winner is feeling like a loser” – Max

The Female Success Strategy: Step 1. Be attractive. Step 2. Create an Instagram account. Step 3. Check your Dms. Step 4. Next thing you know you’re on Yacht with Drake!

One Tai Lopez live stream is more pertinent, educational, relevant, illuminating, and enlightening than my entire college experience.

Life is hard, so you have to become harder.

It takes time to grow.. it takes time to recover.

Remember who kicked you while you were down

How are these people my age and younger than me more successful than me?

“The more you know, the quieter you become” – Max

Workout to eliminate mental weakness

No one respects people who’s lives have been easy.

Patience, positivity and gratitude.

I think fitness should be fun.

Addiction stems from trauma

Only ignorant poor people are racist

I hope @jakepaul gets KOd

As long as you’re still alive, learn from your mistakes and improve.

The past is over.

I gotta get on the Forbes

Just focus on the grind and things will get better over time.

Just think people do hard drugs and eat McDonald’s 🤣🤣🤣

Rap has a negative connotation but in certain instances, its modern evolved, dynamic poetry.

I will succeed.

You don’t want to be a broke professional athlete but you also don’t want to be an obese billionaire.

Good advice can save your life.

Is it a spending problem, or an income problem? Perhaps both.

I want the Good Life, Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness.

Trauma is often a catalyst for positive change. There is a lot of wisdom in hitting bottom.

I’m grateful for my mistakes.

Sometimes doing less, yields greater results.

It’s only a matter of time before I catch up and defeat everyone.

Feminism is delusional lazy thinking.

It’s good to get out of certain environments.

If you have 20% body fat you shouldn’t be bulking.

I get happy when I see my friends win

I’m building an empire.

Imagine if in 2100 white people were slaves to black people 🤣🤣🤣

The mentality within the culture is keeping people poor.

I know it’s hard bit it’s going to take pain to reach the next level. Learn to love the pain, it’s the only way.

If we’re not talking Bs and Ms don’t talk to me.

It’s good to be a Renaissance man but you don’t have to be good at everything. Einstein wouldn’t beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing match but then again Floyd Mayweather probably doesn’t know how to do basic algebra or has a low reading level yet he is a kinesthetic genius.

Happiness is a luxury, the grind is a necessity.

Instead of paying money to go to a strip club, use that money and reinvest it in yourself to become a higher value male so you can go simp to pimp and you get paid.

Women shouldn’t like you for money, be rich but make it for yourself lol.

You can’t please everyone, all the time.

Would you rather be Arnold Schwarzenegger or Bill Gates?

You may not be going to hop in the ring with Tyson Fury but you can reverse engineer and utilize the fighters mentality. You might be trying to fight discrimination, you may be trying to fight oppression or you may be trying to fight depression.

People talk patience but at the same time I don’t have a million years to be rich.

If time is the most valuable asset, I’m rich.

Wealth is only admirable when you started from the bottom.

Small steps add up

Instead of fully investing in a relationship which could be potentially toxic, fully invest in a promising business.

If you want to be wealthy, you have to be patient.

Be patiently impatient but be patient.

Maturity isn’t necessarily predicated upon age.

Being in great physical shape is pointless if you’re not in good mental shape.

As far as fitness, do what you can with what you have, and gradually build up. You might start by simply walking. As long as you’re healthy and you make progress over time, that’s all that matters.

Are you finessing or getting finessed?

I hate and detest mundane mediocrity.

The E.G.G. – End Game Goal is “The Good Life”.(Health, Wealth, Love and Happiness) There was a point in my life where I had no Health, Wealth, Love or Happiness. Living “The Bad Life”. Then I turned it all around.

Patience is often times overated.

Life is suffering.

I think Happiness is a bit of a transient state, but it has to be earned.

The biological differences between men and women as expressed in Evolutionary Psychology are unflattering to the gynocentric social order.

Happiness has to be earned.

Entrepreneur-Investor, CEO is the wave.

It’s okay, just admit you F’d up. (Step 1.) Step 2. move on.

The best marketing is a great product, a great product will sell itself.

Don’t neglect wealth, it takes money to be healthy.

You can go through 24 years of the school system and never the intangible foundations of like. 1. Awareness 2. Discipline 3. Creative Intelligence 4. Discernment 5. Stoicism etc.

Inherit the earth God speed/ When I’m makin mills I won’t be Meek/ rack from wheelin weed in the street/ hustle until we’re Elite/

Move as fast as humanly possible to accomplish a goal so you can move on to the next goal. That being said, speed has a point of diminishing returns whereas it becomes counterproductive.


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