50 x 50 Book Review Preview

     Imagine if you could gain insights from a deca millionaire, business mogul who started from the bottom.

A man who changed the rap game and pioneered a signature gangster rap sound.

A man who wielded rap as a vehicle to forge a diversified business empire.

A ruthless hustler who clawed his way  out of the gutter and overcame significant adversity.

After being shot 9 nine times, a man who reinvented himself and went on to become a platinum selling artist, consistently at the top of the charts.

“Being a little off, landed me on top of the charts” – 50 Cent (Gatman and Robbin’ ft. Eminem, Massacre Album)

  As noted in a complimentary book, The 50th Law by Robert Greene, Curtis was highly ambitious as a young man. Success was a must, hence “Get Rich or Die Tryin’ “.

50 was a fearless street hustler like his mother.

Selling drugs was a gateway to a desired lifestyle in an environment with limited opportunities for making money legally.


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