Tweets, Quotes, and Ideas Part 2

I’m just trynna do a drive by with nerf guns

Nooo I don’t watch feetball.. that sounds disgusting 🀣🀣🀣

Said I’m antisocial.. only around you. πŸ‘€

One time this guy at Walmart called me a douche. Bro.. your fat, over 40, and work as a Walmart greeter. #bodied

It’s kind of funny people go to the gym to lift rocks.. like what is you.. a neanderthal? πŸ‘€πŸ€£

In the knowledge economy.. how strong do you need to be to type on keyboard?

Bill Gates may look like a scrawny nerd but his brain is jacked.

They say for men it’s warrior paint.. but tattoos look like stains on the body.

Would you rather be really smart with a few close relationships or an idiot with a lot of friends?

Feel like I’m either at a homeless shelter or multiple mansions.. discipline, choices, habits.

They used to clown me for being short, now I’m 6’1″ with boots. Who’s trynna get bodied?

When your alone, people can’t judge you

You can be alone but not lonely

Honestly Jon Jones could commit homicide.. idc.. I just want to see him in the cage @JonnyBones @ufc

Go soo hard.. that it pisses people off.

When ghost from social media for 3 years.. watch me become an influencer.

Yeah, you have to cut people off but I feel like ghosting is low key cowardly.

If you think about it.. your boss takes advantage of you.. save money, quit your job then start a business.

Feel Robin Williams hid behind the tears of a clown 🀑 πŸ˜”πŸ‘€

What’s the point of being a high achiever if your not in a meritocracy? At common jobs your easily replaceable, become inimitable.

Pen and paper? What is this, the dark ages?

Reevaluate what you think you need.

A predator outside it’s natural habitat and environment can die.

Yeah you want to know everything but often times more information is not the answer.

If you can survive losing everything, and are able to rebuild..anything is possible.

You ever go to an AA meeting to talk about cell phone addiction? Or your addiction to a small cup of coffee?

Forgive your enemy.. until you can destroy them @33strategieswar

You ever go to a restroom with a pillow and blanket and lay down on the floor.. someone asks.. “I’m here to rest”.. it’s the restroom, what are you doing?

What is someone in the US didn’t shower for five years to conserve water? πŸ‘€

One time someone asked me what I want for Christmas, I said, another 24 hours to get things done. Stay Hard.

One time I yelled at a dog to pay rent.. “Your either gonna start paying rent or get the fuck out!”

At the end of the day how many people are willing to take a bullet for you? You might have to buy a bulletproof vest πŸ‘€

Once you realize you’re going nowhere, you can redirect and start going somewhere.

People who like horror movies.. wtf is wrong with you?

I’m just a class clown who’s not in class πŸ‘€

You can be a kinesthetic genius but socially inept

The tortoise is slow, teach the hair some endurance and it wins everytime.

It’s not cool to be a gangster, if you don’t have to live that life.. don’t try. It reflects more of a harsh reality.

If people watched their diet like they watch football, they would all be healthy.

Times can be tough, life can beat the shit out of you.. but you can come back! Keep fighting, stay hard #WorldMentalHealthDay

Take it easy.. until you can go hard.

Hold out.. until you can be around the right people.

If you had to pick.. would you rather be a loner.. or a loser?

All you have to do.. is train the mind, train the body.

I go to the hood corner store, this ratchet busts in and calls me cute.

I try to limit my time with fat people.. I feel like I might catch that shit.. πŸ‘€πŸ˜³

Living alone is a must.

Honestly.. life fucked me over.. just wait till I fuck it up

I’m sick of fucking ghetto slums.. we should be living in mansions!!!

“What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger”.. I hope Nietzche was right.

Sure.. people can help.. but at the end of the day.. it’s on you.

No one is coming to save you.

Sometimes getting fed up, discontent, and pissed off can be the catalyst for change.

I used to not give people the time of day.. maybe they don’t deserve the time of day.

We all need some comic relief.. at times.

Music can be escapism.

I wonder what benefits I’ve been getting from this grain free diet.

You can’t ignore the mind body connection.. I think we can simplify life. 1. Workout 2. Eat. 3. Read 4. Sleep. Repeat the process. Consistent health habits can become the bedrock then you can mix it up a bit and add some novelty.

Often times life is like the Karate Kid.. paint the fence.. wash the car. One must master the basics and fundamentals like Michael Jordan.

What if Marvin Gaye was actually gay?

What if you went on a blind date.. and the person was actually blind?

Kevin Hart on YouTube.. that’s a short @KevinHart4real

One time I went to a Dojo in Wny and they said the original teacher was Bruce Lee.. 🀣🀣🀣

If your feeling down.. you have to recognize.. the season shall pass.

Idk if I’ll ever make another rap video, I’m sick of playing the angry raging lunatic.

I’m the type of dude to get a 4.0 GPA but drop out.

Eating bananas is low key gay, 🀣🀣🀣

Hyped for El Dia de Los Muertos

I’d be interested in the science behind kharma.

One time this chick was so ugly at fright world.. I thought she was the scary part.

Brooo.. so I saw your mom at Fright World.. I really thought she was the scary part.. πŸ‘€

Yeah, you can be conservative and save every penny but if I became wealthy, I would be somewhat of a baller. Make up for a childhood you never had, everyday is Christmas! Wash away the pain, wipe away tears with a hundred dollar bill.

Imagine having wall paper full of Benjamins.. then when you need one, you can just pull it off the wall.

I like being around people who are better than me, it gives me hope and inspiration.

I’m truly from both sides of the tracks, know PhD Philosophers, Presidents of companies, engineers, and gangsters, hustlers, and street bums.

I could see myself living well.. residing in a gated community.

For wealthy people, 6 figures is chump change.

I’m the type of dude to rock a gold monocle.

Don’t let people set limits on you.. break free!!!

Bent up G/ friends jumped me/ but the tendency /you tend to see/ the sum of things/ Some of these chumps, have never been hungry/ I’m just an adrenaline junkie after that Eminem money/

You can become addicted to the notification.

If your an introvert.. go a day without headphones.

Walk into a coat store.. “You got any straight jackets?”

Sustained motivation is drive.. discipline is the backbone.

Sometimes you have to lay low.. save face.. recognize you’ve been broken but proceed the process of picking up pieces and building an entirely new sculpture.. stronger.. sleeker, sharper.. smarter.. and more resilient.

If there’s one thing about me.. I always keep it a buck.. honest with people.. brutally honest with myself.

One time a family member told me “you’ll either be dead or in jail” Fuck the haters!!! Every day I defy the odds!!! Stay Hard!!!

Craazy stories.. I remember I was L Block and this dude with knuckle tats and a Charles Manson upside down cross on his forehead said he clinched a tool and blasted 5 bullies on the block.. to this day.. I still wonder.. to this day if him and Fleeto the Gangster we’re joking.

Spending time alone can be better than bad company.

Through daily exercises of discipline.. you can wash away your sins.

Fighting in action movies.. in reality everyone would get assault charges.

Think I’m fly.. but you know I’m ghost.. because I have an air heart Amelia/

For real as Pharrell with a trucker hat/ Whaddup fam, snap back like a rubber band/ it’s money Max, back with the funny raps/ understand, blast like a gun in hand/ buster backed, your whack as a Trump fan/ bunch of cash.. my hustle plan is Russell Brand/ mixed with a muscle man/

It’s crazy.. we live in a world indoctrinated with processed food, to a point where people think your weird for eating real, normal food.

On average your going to spend 76.3 years with yourself.. you might as well like yourself.

It’s okay to miss people.. but you can rejoice in the fact that your life may be better off without them.

Being discontent with point A can be motivation to move to point B.

I’m the type of dude to give out Zero sugar Keto Beef Jerky, Organic raw Almonds, and Quest Bars for Halloween.. πŸ˜†

Sometimes a radical shift requires trauma, the pain is so bad you’ll never be the same. Often times that’s what it takes to change your life.

Crime.. rhyme/ Secluded.. quit reclusive/ Ike Mics.. I’m abusive/ P/ Genius Buddhist, Sublime blueprint/ G-Unit, Psyche unit/ ECMC, PTSD/ M, M&M, MTV MC/ MF Doom mixed with M Headroom/, NF, MF/ MMA M.A.X/ EBT BET/ ODB from the DOB/ DM DMX/ Bar rhyme schemes till RIP/

When you have nothing to lose.. your back is up against the.. there’s only 30 seconds left in the round.. and your behind.. try something crazy.. start throwing haymakers.

Being around poor people.. the poverty will rub off on you.

Sometimes an old enemy can make the best friend.

They used to call him Money Max, now they call him Mogul Max.

Can an atheist make it to heaven?.. it’s paradoxical.

If your aim is to stop judging people sit back with compassion and recognize the common humanity.

It’s okay to feel like a failure, often times that’s the first step to success.

Suge Knight turned Tupac into a gangster.

Differentiate, differentiate, differentiate, become as weird as possible to succeed, not just weird for the sake of being weird, that’s a defect. Ahead of your time weird. I call this the Elon Musk principle.

We live in a crazy world, not everyone has compassion. Some people will be happy at your misfortune. An extend version of Schadenfreude.

Feel better, Look better, Do Better.

Every great artist needs solitude.

I see myself with exotic sports cars and a diamond encrusted Rolex

Most people are poor. Economically speaking, children are liabilities. Poor people have more children, thus creating cyclical poverty.


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