Tweets, Quotes and Ideas Part 1

Rocky is like the poster child for CTE.

What is the upside of impulsivity? 

I Kamikaze motherfuckers when they hit my radar, coming at me is like petting the head of a scorpion.

I’m salivating to get back in my bag. 

I got that two dollar blue collar. 

They say for men it’s warrior paint.. but tattoos look like stains on the body.

They used to clown me for being short, now I’m 6’1″ with boots. Who’s trynna get bodied?

Feel like I’m either at a homeless shelter or multiple mansions.. discipline, choices, habits. Just kidding.

Would you rather be really smart with a few close relationships or an idiot with a lot of friends?

Bill Gates may look like a scrawny nerd but his brain is jacked.

In the knowledge economy.. how strong do you need to be to type on keyboard?

It’s kind of funny people go to the gym to lift rocks.. like what is you.. a neanderthal? 👀🤣

One time this guy at Walmart called me a douche. Bro.. your fat, over 40, and work as a Walmart greeter. #bodied

Said I’m antisocial.. only around you. 👀

Nooo I don’t watch feetball.. that sounds disgusting 🤣🤣🤣

I’m just trynna do a drive by with nerf guns

You could evolve into a social butterfly but all it takes is one person from your past to consistently kill your vibe.

So is scared straight about converting homosexuals using scare tactics?

You ever roll up on a homeless man and start bumping ‘I need a dollar’ by Aloe Black then start dancing? 🤣🤣🤣

Would you rather be a jacked retard or a skinny genius? 🤔

Max, why do you buy so much food? I remember truly starving, what do you know about that?

Remember a 215 lb guy tried to hit me with a double leg takedown, I finished him with a guillotine 🤣 #JiuJitsu

I map out the whole game like Michael Scofield.

When I’m in my bag, I’m a dangerous man.

Watch me concoct the greatest energy drink of all time.

When I’m not Ninja jumping in the cold, making superhuman mad scientist smoothies, rapping about artificial intelligence, doing savage training, ultra endurance supersets, reading over a book a day, doing 50 pound weighted pull ups, being a fitness model, social media influencer.

Cycling in the rain, going on genius rants, blogging about the greatest quotes, books, events, inventions and ideas of all time, I like to go for walks.

Watch me sell merch and break into the fashion like a young Ye

I suffer from the Eminem disease, thinking about multisyllabic rhyme schemes all day.

Quit chasing dragons and start facing demons.

When everyone else was chilling, hanging out, and having a good time, I was making moves on the low 👀😏

Used to not celebrate holidays, everyday is a work day, don’t celebrate.. at all, just get after it. In order to reach the 1% you work from the moment you wake up to moment you go to sleep.

I really dislike people who talk about people, especially in the negative sense.. let’s discuss ideas.

Some people get old and wise.. some people just get old.. 🤣

One must realize at some point, especially if your parents have failed you, you have to raise yourself.

Progression of growing up and not believing in things – 

1. Tooth Ferry 2. Santa Clause 3. Bully Beatdown @mayhemmiller


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